Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Happy May Day. Just returned from my morning walk. I walk not only for the exercise but it clears my mind and gives me a chance to go exploring in the neighborhood. Today, I saw a hawk, stopped to pet a cat looking for some attention, admired some bearded iris in a nearby garden and enjoyed the scent of honeysuckle in another - this smell always takes me back to my childhood.
Geranium and Lobelia
Look what we spotted on our drive to school a couple of days ago. I thought they were rocks until we got closer. It's amazing how much these guys consume in such a short amount of time. As of this morning they were still there but they've moved on to another part of the hill.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to get together with Connie and a very sweet friend of hers and visit with the very talented Peggy Gatto She was so sweet to welcome us into her beautiful home and show us her creative space. Wow. On Saturday, my daughter and I attended A Joyous Spring Fete here in Alamo. So much talent, so many wonderful things to look at. Here's some of what we brought home:

We entered our names for the raffle and look what I found on our doorstep on Tuesday addressed to my daughter. An original painting in a vintage frame by e. crowley! It's about 2" tall and look at the detail. So sweet!

Blurry but look how cute!


Anonymous said...

ohhh thanks for sharing that..
i really miss lobelia, (and my garden--) especially like to see it
on front doors,
always reminds me of Carmel!
the treasures look fun!
see you soon,

Happy May Day!! ~Connie

Ginger said...

What a wonderful blog i just saw it today my first time here. Please come see me too and Good day to all the blogs hugs.