Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Murphys - Queen of the Sierras

Spent a couple of days skiing in Bear Valley during the Spring break - husband and kids skied, I read and knit. We stopped in Murphys on the way home which is always my favorite part of these trips.


PixieDust said...


Thank you for your visit, and your lovely comment regarding my art...


This post sounds very familiar... hmmmm, let's see - oh! I know! Every year my family and I go skiing in Bear Valley... they ski, I craft in the lodge, and for all that patience, we stop in Murphy's and Angels Camp so I can hit the antique shops!!!

Isn't that a small world!


PixieDust said...

Had to come back... I went to your flickr to have a peek at your artwork -


Whoa! Incredible!!! I see you Ebay instead of Etsy... I'm not sure if you visted my journal blog as well as the art blog but on the journal blog I note I have an etsy (just started) - wonder how the two compare?

Either way it is a pleasure "meeting" you...