Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's been a fun but busy last couple of weeks. My mother just had her 82nd birthday last week and we were all together to celebrate. For the long President's Day weekend we were in Bear Valley for a little skiing and were lucky to have and enjoy some beautiful sunny weather during our stay. We were also able to stop in Murphys, a historic little town in the Sierras that is a favorite of mine. I've also been working on a classroom auction art project that's due Friday and so I haven't done any painting or art of my own except for a bit of knitting. Here in Northern California the trees and bulbs are blooming, I've seen house finches getting ready to build nests and the days are getting longer. Though we still have some time before the rainy season is over, Spring is definitely in the air.


Adriana Whitney said...

I am giving you an award, come to my blog to take it.

Leticia said...

Thank you Adriana!