Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. It started on Tuesday night when a friend, myself and our kids took BART into the city to meet up with our husbands. It was my daughter's first time on the train and only my son's second time so it was a little adventure for them. We're only about 45 minutes away from the city but it's not often that we visit. We got off at the Embarcadero Station, went into the Hyatt to look at their Christmas decorations, took some quick pictures and then walked across the street to the Ferry Building to meet up with the Dads. We had dinner at a little Italian place nearby and then went on to the show. We had a wonderful time. Amazing, colorful and a lot of fun. This was my fourth and probably the best. Last year's Corteo (we had front row seats) was my favorite when it comes to costumes and set design. Well it was a memorable Thanksgiving holiday and now it's time to plan and prepare for Christmas. I've started my lists: the christmas card list, the gift list, list for son's birthday, etc. . .

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