Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My name is Luka

This is Luka. I adopted him 6 months after I was married.

My husband was not a big animal person but he said he would be fine with a kitten. When I visited the animal shelter and went into the room full of cat cages, this scrawny, one-eyed cat was meowing and trying to get my attention. It was half an hour before closing and I did all the paper work and took Luka home. My husband was not very happy with my choice and wanted me to take him back the next day. About an hour later I found my husband watching T.V. with Luka in his lap and a smile on his face. That was almost 15 years ago.


suzi blu said...

PooPoo is 15! And their faces are very similar : )

Anonymous said...

Love this post about Luka - what a sweet story. :) I was looking at your "about me" page on eBay and noticed the picture of Luka and I wondered if he was missing an eye and was adopted (thank you for rescuing him!).

I love your art! Keep up the great work!

Jenny said...

A lady after my own heart. How sweet. Sorry for your loss. Luka had a wonderful life, I am sure.